Alex Kareev

Alex Kareev

Academic Technologist

GLBL 306



  • Master of Science in MicroElectronics Photonics from University of Arkansas, 2013
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics from University of Arkansas, 2010


About me, in my words

I have lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas for almost 14 years now. I have received my bachelors in Physics. After receiving my bachelor's degree I got a Master's of Science Degree in Microelectronics Photonics, going from scientific to engineering field.

I have worked at Performing Arts and Media Library throughout my undergraduate studies. I also was fortunate enough to work in the research laboratory for almost seven years, starting my freshman year. I was working in Laboratory of Artificial Quantum materials and doing materials research throughout my undergraduate and graduate career.

Programming, website creation, photo editing, 3D modeling and animation were a huge hobby of mine, and I was created images and animations for publications, proposals, presentations and posters all throughout my research years. I started working at Global Campus in April of 2015, and enjoy it immensely since there is a huge variety of task, every day is interesting, and I get to work on projects that are very close to my interests and hobbies. It is very exciting to work in the area of education and online education, since the technological progress allows for such huge leaps in new educational methods. I went from studying technology on theoretical level, to technological manufacturing, and now to using the technology to help people with education.


My favorite online teaching tool is...

Blender 3D modeling program. It is great to be able to take an image or an abstract concept and try to bring it into 3D dimensions, to better illustrate the idea.


The best part about working with faculty is...

Is all the variety of topics and subjects I get to learn about from working with faculty. I always enjoyed learning new things, and studying new subjects.


When I walk across the University of Arkansas campus, I am always amazed by...

By the senior walk, it is very interesting to think about all the graduates from the University and the impact they are having on the world.


My away-from-work passion is...

Classical guitar.