Elaine Terrell

Elaine Terrell

Quality Matters
Certified Peer Reviewer

Instructional Designer

GLBL 417



  • Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction, 2016, University of Arkansas
  • Master of Education in Educational Technology, 1998, University of Arkansas
  • Bachelor of Art in Psychology, 1992, University of Arkansas


Working with...

  • Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences


About me, in my words

I was born and raised in Arkansas. I’ve always been curious about how people learn, and, although I didn’t start out looking for a career in education, I guess it was just inevitable. Developmental psychology was my main focus as an undergraduate student. After I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology, I waited a bit before starting graduate school, and, during that time, I discovered an interest in computers and educational technology. Then I enrolled in the master’s degree program for educational technology. After I earned that degree, I worked as a computer-based training designer for a software company in Texas for a year before returning to the University of Arkansas as an instructional designer in 1999. Since that time I have worked with faculty across campus to develop online courses and to integrate technology in the traditional classroom.


When I walk across the University of Arkansas campus, I am always amazed by...

the inexorable march of change. I was an undergraduate here over twenty years ago and the changes that have occurred since then are astonishing. However, the pace of change has accelerated in the last 6 or 7 years and some days it boggles the mind. It is a very exciting time to be associated with the University of Arkansas.


The best part about working with faculty is...

the incredible variation of disciplines and subjects. I get to learn about so many different things. There’s always something new and different!


If I were not an instructional designer, I would probably be...

a comedian. I really like to make people laugh.