Stormy Nolen

Stormy Nolen

Academic Technologist

Phone: 479.575.5180
GLBL 306


  • Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design, 2012, University of Arkansas
  • Pursuing a Master of Education in Educational Technology, University of Arkansas

About me, in my words

I grew up in Euless, Texas, and, although I am a Texas girl at heart, the beauty of the Ozark Mountains has captivated me. After living here for the past seven years, I know I’m home. The enchantment of the Ozarks has inspired me by reminding me of how precious nature is.

I tell my friends I’m the “full-time everything.” I am a wife, mother, student and full-time academic technologist. I like to inspire others so that they, too, can accomplish anything they put their minds to. For the past three years I have worked at the University of Arkansas as the Blackboard Support Technologist, helping faculty and students with Blackboard Learn, our online course management system. I have transitioned from that position to the Academic Technologist role here at the Global Campus.

My favorite online teaching tool is...

My new found love is Kaltura, a video capturing tool that is now integrated with Blackboard. I think this tool is going to help change how instructors and students interact, communicate and learn from one another. I love seeing how technology shapes our world and the ways we learn.

The best part about working with faculty is...

I enjoy seeing the excitement on instructor’s faces when they get to use new technologies and how enthusiastic they about teaching with these tools. Our faculty members are changing how students learn and seeing that first hand is quite exciting.

When I walk across the University of Arkansas campus, I am always...

At how much the campus has changed over the course of a few years. There are so many new improvements and restorations going on that the campus looked completely different from when I first started my undergraduate degree here. The expansion of campus can only mean one thing SUCCESS and I think we are all proud of that!

My favorite book is...

This is such a hard question. I enjoy book series like Harry Potter, The Hunger games, and The Sookie Stackhouse maybe it’s because I just never really want the story to end. I love good books that make you just sink into them and never want to leave. Although I do realize most of these books are more aimed at young readers but what can I say I’m a kid at heart.

If I had to pick an animal to describe my personality, it would be...

a chameleon. I love color and all the beautiful colors this world offers. If I were a chameleon not only would I get to change into my favorite colors, but I could also see the world a bit differently with my stereoscopic eyes. I could stand out boldly to make a statement or camouflage myself whenever I was feeling shy. I think life as a chameleon would be awesome.

My way-from-work passion is...

When I find time to escape from my full time life I find myself in the garage. This is my studio, creative place, and relaxation zone. I have the freedom to get dirty and let go. I find myself sitting at the pottery wheel or mixing colors at the easel when painting. I love to be creative; any free time I get chances are that’s where you will find me.