The University of Arkansas Global Campus is a collection of specialized units at two locations that handle different phases of delivering education online and at a distance. What we do every day is based on our purpose and the university’s goals.

Vice Provost for Distance Education

Everything starts with Javier A. Reyes, vice provost for distance education and leader of the Global Campus facilities in Fayetteville and Rogers.

  Meet the Vice Provost

Javier Reyes, Vice Provost for Distance Education
Javier Reyes
Vice Provost for Distance Education

Deans and administrators from academic colleges on the Fayetteville campus work with the vice provost to facilitate the expansion and enhancement of online and distance education offerings. The Office of Financial Affairs team works closely with the vice provost to administer support for these projects. The Office of Compliance and Quality Assurance ensures the university is in compliance with federal and state laws regarding education delivered beyond the borders of Arkansas. Other teams within the Global Campus then take charge of specific aspects of the projects.

Instructional Design & Support Services

Faculty support for online courses begins here.

Instructional Design & Support Services

Faculty attend Quality Matters workshop

Instructional Design and Support Services partners with faculty to determine which types of technology are the best to deliver educational content and promote interaction. Then we make it happen. This includes everything from lecture captures to in-house demonstration videos to interactive team discussion boards. Together we ensure courses are accessible and meet the high academic standards set by faculty at the state’s flagship institution.

We also partner with other units across campus – like the Teaching and Faculty Support Center and the Faculty Technology Center – to provide to faculty workshops and training activities that embrace innovation and keep courses fresh.

Faculty gather and share with one another the lessons they’ve learned through the Quality Matters Program, the Online Learning Center and other membership resources provided by the university.

We also work with our staff in Rogers to deliver professional development and other continuing education and workforce development classes and activities online.

Communications and Recruitment

We spread the word

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Communications   Recruitment & Enrollment Services

University of Arkansas ONLINE -

The Communications and Recruitment and Enrollment Management teams combine online marketing and boots-on-the-ground tactics to bring word to prospective students about online options from the University of Arkansas, as well as other education options. This work complements the efforts done by academic colleges and schools on the Fayetteville campus.

The team also works with the Rogers facility to promote classes and workshops for computer training and professional development, as well as conference services.

Information Technology Support

Technology has got to work. We can help.

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The Global Campus team works with other information technology and faculty support groups across campus to ensure faculty have what they need to develop and deliver courses online. Sometimes that means enhancing infrastructure, and sometimes it’s building or renovating a space on campus for faculty to collaborate and work. The Global Campus is another resource for faculty.