The purpose of the Global Campus is to work with units across the Fayetteville campus, industry and business leaders, and other institutions to provide access to educational opportunities that will help people advance in their careers or start new ones.

Our vision and mission are clear

The Global Campus is charged with expanding distance education opportunities by focusing on the university’s Distance Education Top 5 Goals.

  1. Expand and enhance online degree program offerings and courses at the University of Arkansas
  2. Expand Access and educational availability for a wide spectrum of Arkansas, regional, national and international students
  3. Enhance current support systems for students taking courses online
  4. Develop and market online programs to further enhance the university’s strong brand
  5. Enhance and expand support for U of A faculty regarding the use of technology and distance education teaching.


Vision Mission 2020 Annual Report


The Global Campus (GC) is the collaborative leader and support unit that facilitates the efforts of the academic colleges, schools and units at the University of Arkansas to develop and deliver faculty-driven, high-quality and cutting-edge online, distance and workforce education programs and courses. Its focus is on progressive and innovative learning solutions and expanding access to educational and professional opportunities to all students: traditional, non-traditional and working professionals.


The mission of the GC is to support the colleges, schools and academic departments to ensure the expansion of online, distance, and workforce education offerings is strategic, thus leveraging faculty expertise and technology in all modes of instruction delivery. GC employees work to ensure the academic standards, the brand and the reputation of all programs continues its positive trajectory, while working toward the institution’s goal of becoming a Top 50 public research university.

The GC places an emphasis on stewarding efforts in such a way that faculty expertise, academic reputation, and technology are combined creatively and optimally to bring the University of Arkansas to students who need flexible educational options. This collaborative effort helps students overcome barriers, such as location, time, and income-related challenges, and provides options to complete undergraduate, graduate, and certification and licensure programs, as well as professional development and other non-credit classes and workshops.


Number of online degree, certificate and licensure programs / plans AY 2020
Total number of online courses offered AY 2020
Students studying exclusively online AY 2020

Students studying exclusively ONLINE