Course Readiness Checklist

Whether you’re teaching online for the first time or for the 100th time, you know the course will need to be updated with new due dates and announcements. You’ll also need to check web links to make sure these still work. There are just so many tiny details that it’s easy to miss something. This Course Readiness Checklist is the perfect way to be sure that you haven’t missed a thing. It is an interactive PDF file. You can print a paper copy, or you can save a digital copy and edit it to help you keep track of all those little details. It’s a great way to see, at a glance, just what is left for you to do!


Is Your Course Ready?

This checklist will help you determine if your course is ready for the new semester. These items pertain to the new section; do not remove items from previous courses.


Course Name: You can add your course name. This might be a good idea if you have more than one course to prepare.


Course Copy/Updates

  • Content has been built, copied, or imported to course shell.
  • Old discussion posts have been deleted (default) and add starter posts if required
  • Group discussions have been checked (old posts removed; starter posts added, if required)
  • Old announcements have been removed or made unavailable if they will be reused.
  • Links (internal and external) have been validated.
  • Dates have been updated (including due dates for items, class schedule, etc.).
  • Check that SafeAssign is enabled on any assignments using the SafeAssign tool.
  • Scheduled exams with proctor U (If needed)
  • Set up exams with Respondus Lockdown Browser (If needed)


Content Development

  • Course content and design meets course quality standards.
  • All graded items are included in the Grade Center with correct points possible.
  • Content availability settings are correct (open and close dates/times).
  • Settings for assessments have been applied (availability, due dates, timers, etc.).
  • Publisher content is synced up with Blackboard (if required)


Course Information

  • Instructor information is correct.   Course introduction is correct.
  • Syllabus is up-to-date and includes a grading scale, RSI and AI statement.
  • Students are advised about technical support and software/hardware requirements.
  • The “Using Blackboard Ultra for Students” module is in the course


First Day of Class

  • A Welcome Announcement is posted and tells students where to start.
  • An icebreaker activity is available (introduction blog or discussion, etc.).
  • Make sure your course is open.


Download Course Readiness Checklist PDF


Now that you’ve discovered the secret checklist, you should continue on with the next lesson about The Importance of Instructor Presence.



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