Where to Go for Help

Everyone needs a little help now and then, including you and your students. Different problems will require different support services and this information will prepare you for when the need arises. Let’s take a brief look at each support area and the types of assistance you may expect to find there.

TIPS is an online instructor’s go-to for information about teaching online as well as resources available to all faculty at the University of Arkansas. TIPS stands for Teaching Innovations and Pedagogical Support and is a collaborative effort of the Global Campus, the Teaching and Faculty Support Center, and IT Services. TIPS is located online at https://tips.uark.edu, by email at tips@uark.edu.


General technical support is available through the IT Services Help Desk. The help desk supports all users (instructor AND student) with questions about their user accounts, access to university networks, and technical support for technology supported by the University of Arkansas. Help is also available by phone at 479-575-HELP (4357).

The use of publisher materials in online courses has added additional support requirements, and each publisher has its own unique system and contact information. We maintain a list of textbook publisher support information on our TIPS blog. You or you students may refer to this list when you experience technical problems with publisher material linked to your course.



Now that you know how to get support for yourself as well as for your students, you have reached the end of this series about teaching online at the University of Arkansas. You can come back and review it at any time. 



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