Instructional Design Support Services

Instructional Design and Support Services


Global Campus will connect an instructor with an instructional designer before the academic online course development or non-credit course development process starts. Designers provide expertise and best practices in online learning environments.

Instructional designers partner with instructors to plan, develop and evaluate courses that meet the University of Arkansas' high academic standards and maximize student success. Designers with decades of experience provide best-practice pedagogical strategies and educational tools that help learners understand and achieve learning outcomes.

Meet the Instructional Design Team

Online Course Design

Plan and develop courses that provide regular and substantive interactions, clear learning objectives and assess learning outcomes. Designers help instructors align materials and activities that lead to desired learning outcomes. Explore Universal Design, Quality Matters rubric, and other concepts that enhance access and learning.

Pedagogical Consulting

Instructional designers provide insights and recommendations on teaching practices that enhance learning and comprehension in online courses. They ask questions to understand the instructor’s goals and expected learner outcomes. They also help you select educational technology to support pedagogical strategies and learning outcomes.

Online Course Evaluations

See your course through the lens of different user perspectives. For example, examine the course components and how they work from an instructional designer’s view, balance a grading load based on the number of students in a course from an instructor’s view, and evaluate how intuitive and clear instructions are from the student’s view. The evaluation will include quantitative and qualitative data. Assistance with revisions will be provided as necessary.

Online Program Reviews

Academic program coordinators and departmental leaders work with instructional designers to define program objectives and understand the contribution of individual courses, and how courses work together, to meet program objectives. This alignment review may include program market analysis.

Performance Consulting

Instructional designers work as performance consultants to investigate, identify, and address the cause of performance problems. The consultant gathers evidence through interviews and data collection to determine what is causing a performance issue and to make proposals to eliminate or mitigate that cause.

Connecting the Dots

Instructional designers connect instructors with other Global Campus and U of A services: