Recruitment and Student Outreach

The goal of the recruitment team at the Global Campus is to increase enrollment in the high-quality online programs at the University of Arkansas. Global Campus recruiters travel across the state – and around the nation – to interact with prospective students, boosting the recruitment efforts already underway by the academic colleges and schools.


Slate, the Customer Management System

In July 2018 the UA activated the new customer management system, Slate. Both UGRD & GRAD Admissions offices built separate instances with GC to develop both instances of Slate. Students who inquire through the online forms, meet with recruiters at events, or who contact UA offices directly will become a part of a program specific email campaign delivered through Slate. The Recruitment team will work with you to produce written communication products delivered through the CRM to potential, current, and former students to meet the needs of the department.


Meeting Students Where They Are

Students connect to our office via several formats including phone, email, chat, and social media. Most program information is requested on the University of Arkansas ONLINE website program forms or recruiters answer prospective student questions at face-to-face events, such as conferences, workshops and career fairs. The team members share inquiries with the directors of online programs on campus. Our office collaborates to identify target populations and determine the best ways to reach those prospective students. The team schedules recruiting trips throughout the year to community colleges, businesses and other locations to connect with prospective students. We travel across the state – and around the nation – to meet prospective students, tell them about online programs at the U of A, and help them through the application process. Here's a look at our travel.


Photo of Patricia Milner

Patricia Milner

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Outreach and Innovation



Photo of Chrystal Thomas

Chrystal Thomas

Recruiter for Online Programs

GLBL 209


Coaching for Online Students

Global Campus has a team of coaches that are dedicated to the success of online students. Coaches provide personalized, one-on-one meetings with students to help them improve their academic success. They act as cheerleaders and are a personal guide to academic resources provided by the U of A. Coaches also proactively reach out to students if there are indicators that they may be struggling in a course.

The coaching team also manages the Online Student Union (OSU). A safe, inclusive gathering space for students to make connections, share ideas and find answers and support. The OSU has different communities for students to join and connect with their peers and coaches.

  Students can schedule appointments with coaches using UASuccess or emailing their respective coach.

Photo of Kati Williams

Kati Williams

Online Student Coaching Coordinator

LPN-BSN major

All other majors

Online Student Liaison Office

The Global Campus now provides personal assistance for online students and prospective students from the time students contact the U of A until they collect their diplomas at graduation. The Online Student Liaison Office helps students navigate academic processes by providing personal assistance.

Student liaisons are available:


7 am – 7 pm  CT


11 am – 3 pm  CT


   Connecting With Students

Student liaisons answer students’ questions and send notifications to help them stay on track throughout their college careers. Liaisons guide students through application and enrollment processes, send reminders about deadlines, and support them through graduation.

   On-Screen Help

Sometimes a phone call is not enough. With permission from students, liaisons can access students’ computer screens with the Bomgar chat feature. This allows liaisons the opportunity to guide students through the process.


   Helping Students Apply

Nurturing students through the enrollment process is essential to increasing enrollment and providing a positive experience for students. Liaisons track prospective students from the time they first show an interest and follow them through graduation, providing help when needed.

   Making Connections

If student liaisons help, they connect students the correct U of A campus office that can help, whether that be an adviser’s office, the registrar’s office, or many others. Liaisons will personally each out to that office on the student’s behalf, when needed. Liaisons will follow up with students to be sure the issue was resolved.