Recruiting Future Students

Patricia Milner

Patricia Milner

Director of Recruitment and Student Outreach for Online Programs

Lucas McElfish

Lucas McElfish

Recruiter for Online Programs

Colleen Whitman

Colleen Whitman

Digital Outreach Coordinator

Increasing Enrollment

The recruitment team at the Global Campus exists to increase enrollment in the high-quality online programs at the University of Arkansas. Global Campus recruiters travel across the state – and around the nation – to interact with prospective students, boosting the recruitment efforts already underway by the academic colleges and schools.


Connecting with Students

Global Campus recruiters work with academic units to stay in touch with students who seek information about online offerings. Students inquire through a form on the University of Arkansas ONLINE website or ask questions at face-to-face recruiting events, such as conferences, workshops and career fairs. The team members share inquiries with the directors of online programs on campus. They collaborate to identify target populations and determine the best ways to reach those prospective students. The team schedules recruiting trips throughout the year to community colleges, businesses and other locations to connect with prospective students.


Slate, the Customer Management System

In July 2018 the UA activated the new customer management system, Slate. Both UGRD & GRAD Admissions offices built separate instances with GC to develop both instances of Slate. Students who inquire through the online forms, meet with recruiters at events, or who contact UA offices directly will become a part of a program specific email campaign delivered through Slate. The Recruitment team will work with you to produce written communication products delivered through the CRM to potential, current, and former students to meet the needs of the department.


Helping Students Apply

Nurturing students who express interest in U of A programs is essential to increasing enrollment. Global Campus recruiters answer student questions via email and phone and assist them through the application and enrollment process. The team keeps track of prospective students from the time they show interest until they are registered for classes.

We also work with academic units to assist students through the application process. We put students first.

Contact us to find out what we can do to complement your college’s efforts to recruit online students.


Meeting Students Where They Are

We travel across the state – and around the nation – to meet prospective students, tell them about online programs at the U of A, and help them through the application process. Here’s a look at our travel.